MUMBAI: Another shocking incident of police brutality has come up, where a couple was brutally thrashed inside Andheri police station, Mumbai. 
The couple was allegedly involved in some argument in a public area after which they were detained by the police and taken to the police station, where they were allegedly subjected to physical violence.
The girl kept screaming asking the police to ‘let go’ but it fell on deaf ears and the police kept hitting him mercilessly.
The disturbing video has gone viral and makes one extremely numb and sympathetic towards the couple. One trembles looking at the way the couple was handled by the police.
The police claimed that the couple was drunk and were behaving obscenely. 
Ghulam Maqbool Sheikh, one of the witnesses and activist said that the claim of the police is absolutely false and that the police manhandled the guy to the extent that he started bleeding.
A similar incident happened on October 8, when two Muslim youths were brutally thrashed by the Mumbai Police and told to “leave India and go to Pakistan.”

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