PATNA: The counting of votes has started for the crucial Bihar Assembly Elections 2015. This was a close battle fought bitterly over five phases for almost a month. The results are set to be announced today and the state which for long has been ruled by Nitish Kumar is set to get its new Chief Minister today. And once again, Nitish Kumar has made it big and is set to be the CM again.
Here are the live updates on the Bihar Election Results 2015:
5:20 PM: Fireworks light up Patna sky. Nitish Kumar, Lalu Prasad Yadav’s supporters erupt in joy.
5:10 PM: NitishKumar says, ‘Thank all for tremendous support to Grand Alliance’.
3:53 PM: Results/Trends on #NewsX: BJP+59, JDU+ 178, Others 6 (243/243); Grand victory for MGB.
2:36 PM: Rahul Gandhi is the main architect of Grand Alliance, says Shashi Tharoor of Congress.
2:35 PM: BJP President Amit Shah congratulates Nitish Kumar. 
2:29 PM: New Nitish Kumar posters surface in Patna 

2:24 PM: BJP to address a press conference at 5:30 PM today.
2:20 PM: The day we formed our alliance, it was decided that BJP will be defeated: Sharad Yadav

2:10 PM: Possibility of a ‘Jungle Raj’ returning to Bihar is very much alive: GVL Narsimha Rao, Spokesperson of BJP.
2:01 PM: Nitish Kumar has great eye for social indicators; will take Bihar to new development level: ASSOCHAM
2:00 PM: JD (U) has gained seventeen from the last time elections in 2010.

1:58 PM: We can only hope that ministers now have freedom to work and everyone will be allowed to work. Everyone knows how Central Govt has been interfering in our work. We hope have is stopped. This mandate shows that people want PM to focus on centre. Everyone wants him to cancel his foreign trips and focus on the country. If they think that they can keep some channels in their pocket and win , they are wrong. This won’t work anymore. In BJP the manner in which there’s anger regarding Shah and Modi’s functioning has gone against BJP: Arvind Kejriwal.
1:56 PM: The way in which Modi and Amit Shah are working – their pride and over confidence is what happened to Congress after 15 years it’s happening to them after one year. This is a signal to them: Delhi CM
1:55 PM: This intolerant atmosphere needs to end: Kejriwal
1:55 PM: “To the people of Bihar, big congratulations. And congratulations to Nitish Ji for becoming CM again. This is an imp and historical victory. People of this country don’t want hate politics. It’s a slap on their face. The next time they try this they will be wiped out,” says Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.
1:50 PM: A clear breakup that Nitish Kumar takes it away.

1:21 PM: Party scene outside Lalu Prasad Yadav’s house.

1:11 PM: Both BJP and PM  Modi will be now under immense pressure when they go to Bengal, says journalist Ajit Sahi. 
1:06 PM: Big picture at top of the hour: BJP+ 74 (38%), JDU+ 158 (41%), Others 11 (21%) (243/243)
1:03 PM: Chandrababu Naidu also calls Nitish Kumar to congratulate. 
1:01 PM: Nitish Kumar informs of receiving blessings from LK Advani.
12:55 PM: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh congratulates Nitish Kumar. 

12:52 PM: ‘We knew that it would be a close fight, but did not expect such a result in favour of Mahagathbandhan’, says Chirag Paswan on #BiharVerdict, adding, “I congratulate Nitish Kumar for this victory.”
12:51 PM: It’s a collective responsibility for win and loss, we will introspect. We were partly taken by surprise by the result because we knew that Bihar wants development. But this will not change our agenda, we will continue to work for development’, says Syed Zafar of BJP following the defeat.
12:45 PM: Congress demands credit for Bihar victory
12:43 PM: People of Bihar have rejected PM Modi: JD(U)
12:40 PM: Narendra Modi needs to rethink his campaign election and become more accommodating and conciliatory: Pankaj Pachauri

12:10 PM: Nitish Kumar extends a thankful note for Sonia Gandhi, PM Modi and Mamata Banerjee for congratulating him.
11:38 AM: Colour drenched party outside Nitish Kumar’s house
11:36 AM: Nitish Kumar has emerged as the ‘Political Head’: Shiv Sena
11:34 AM: We will introspect as to what went wrong, says Ram Madhav. 
11:32 AM: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee congratulates Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav for Bihar victory.
11:30 AM: Present Trends 
BJP+ 85 JDU+151 OTHERS 7
11:22 AM: Narendra Modi is responsible for BJP’s loss in Bihar: Shiv Sena
11: 20 AM: We should have focused more on development agenda and should not have diverted from the issue. There will be certain fallouts of Bihar elections but we will learn from our mistakes, says Ram Madhav of BJP
11:16 AM: ‘RSS ideology has failed in Bihar’, says Sanjay Jha.

11:10 AM: Delhi Chief Minister congratulates Nitish Kumar for the big victory
10:58 AM: ‘Story of arrogance starts from the doorstep of Nitish Kumar’, says BJP’s Sambit Patra.
10:53 AM: ‘Voters of Bihar did not connect with the international image of brand Modi’: Dr. AM Singhvi

10:44 AM: There is a competing celebration in JD(U).
10:43 AM: Trends
BJP+96 JDU+133 OTH 10. Please note the NEWS CNX Exit poll results on Nov 5
10:37 AM: ‘An alliance similar to the grand alliance can be successful even at the centre as well’, says Dr. AM Singhvi
10:35 AM: Current Trends
BJP+98 JDU+128 OTH 10
10:32 AM: ‘Nitish has become the center point of politics’, says Pankaj Pachauri.
10:30 AM: Going by the currnt trends, it seems that PM Modi’s 51 rallies in Bihar failed to weave their magic
10:27 AM: At 10:26:18, Rahul Shivshankar calls it for the Mahagathbandhan.

9:59 AM: JDU+ 106 noses ahead. Now celebrations in RJD AND JDU offices in Bihar
9:57 AM: BJP parliamentary board meeting tomorrow. Party President Amit Shah calls for a meeting on Monday at 12 noon
9:55 AM: Presently on NewsX:
JDU+ 104 BJP+100 OTHERS 5
9:53 AM: Early trends on NewsX: 
BJP+ 100, JDU+ 102, Others 5 (207/243)
9:40 AM: Jitan Ram Manjhi presently trending in both his constituencies.
9:39 AM: Nawal Kishore of JD (U): Premature to discuss weaknesses of the MGB right now. Will wait for the final results to be declared.
9:39 AM: Early trends on NewsX
BJP+ 96 – BJP 78 , LJP 7, HAM 8, RLSP 3
9:37 AM: Check out the early celebrations at BJP office in Patna
9:36 AM: Will the MGB break up if they lose Bihar today? BJP+ 94 JDU+87 OTH 5
9:33 AM: A nail biting fight!
BJP+ 94, JDU+87, Others 5
9:30 AM: Trends
BJP+ 94 BJP 76 LJP 7 RLSP 3 HAM 8
9:26 AM: Early Trends on NewsX
BJP+ 92, JDU+ 85, Others 5 (182/243)
9:14 AM: ‘Mr. Lalu Yadav’s political capital is very much in trouble’, says Ajit Sahi
9:13 AM: Experts say Bihar seems to have rejected voting only on caste
9:12 AM: Early trends on NewsX: 
BJP+ 77, JDU+ 71, Others 5 (153/243)
9:09 AM: Early trends on NewsX: 
BJP+ 70, JDU+ 65, Others 5 (140/243)
9:00 AM: Diwali celebrations begin at BJP office in Patna. 
8:38 AM: Bihar election will have big significance at national level. It will be a good Diwali for Congress: Jaiveer Shergill

8:35 AM: BJP winning seats where it didn’t last time; if this continues it will be bad news for Grand Alliance: Nalin Mehta
8:32 AM: Early Trends on NewsX
BJP+ 45, JDU+ 32
8:30 AM: We are trailing as of now but we will win easily by the end of the counting: JD(U)
8:27 AM: A scene at BJP Headquarters in Delhi
8:26 AM: Early Trends on NewsX: 
BJP+ 26, JDU+ 16 
8:25 AM: Early Trends 
8:17 AM: Giant screens put up in Patna for minute-by-minute updates.
8:16 AM: Early Trends on NewsX
BJP+ 8, JDU+ 4
8:14 AM: In early leads, BJP ahead in Bhagalpur and Tarapur. 
8:12 AM: Early Trends
BJP+ 6 JDU+ 1
8:10 AM: BJP+6 leads coming at 8.10 am from HAM.
8:05 AM: A BJP win hinges if the caste votes come to their side, says Nalin Mehta.
8:02 AM: Lalu is confident of vanquishing Bihar, his son Tejashwi Yadav tells NewsX
8:00 AM: Counting of votes begin
7:48 AM: The studio guests get ready to bring you the most detailed analysis today.
7:47 AM: “I think NDA has a better chance than The Grand Alliance. Nitish does not have enough caste numbers and Lalu has too much baggage”, says journalist Ajit Sahi. 
7:46 AM: NewsX newsroom
7:45 AM: This Narendra Modi fan has cycled from Bengaluru to Patna to see BJP win in the Bihar state election. 
7:38 AM: It will be a black day if Nitish Kumar wins, says Manjhi on NewsX
7:37 AM: High turnout reveals people are in favour: Manjhi to NewsX
7:35 AM: The condition of Bihar under Nitish Kumar is deteriorating, says former Bihar Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi to NewsX
7:20 AM: The Grand Alliance expects over 150 seats: Tyagi.
7:18 AM: “We are expecting a big win. It is a direct between our 10 years of rule and just one and half years of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in power, says JD (U) spokesperson KC Tyagi.
7:00 AM: This is how the counting centre in Patna looks as of now.
6:35 AM: “Good Morning everyone. We are definitely winning,” Yadav told media ahead of counting today.
6:30 AM: Two hours before the counting, Lalu Prasad Yadav expressed, “I had a good night’s sleep; let’s wait and watch what’s in store for us.”


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