Confident of their stellar performance in the 2014 Lok Sabha Polls. The BJP began a mission of Congress-Mukt Bharat. The Assembly Polls in Haryana, Rajasthan and Maharashtra did further their cause but the verdict in Bihar today has not just halted the NDA juggernaut but also jolted the BJP. If divide and rule is the tested Machiavellian maxim, the unity to preserve a shrinking political sphere could be India’s new age mantra. 
If the 90s saw the rise of coalition politics, will the present decade be the one of Mahagathbandhans. Nothing benefits your cause more than winning and now that Nitish and Lalu have won. Will other state staraps follow the example in uniting to fight the bjp. It’s a question that could redefine Indian politics. So the question is will it be BJP vs the rest from here after? Will the Grand Alliance experiment be replicated nationally to halt the BJP? Is India now moving toward a BJP vs Rest Polity? Has BJP now taken the place of the Congress as the party to oppose? Will the Bihar Result lead to realignments nationally?

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