KARNATAKA: The move to celebrate 18th century ruler Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary by the Karnataka government has not gone down well with the State opposition. 
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has announced that it will boycott the event since Tipu was a communal tyrant who targeted Hindus. The Congress has however stated that Tipu Sultan was a true patriot who effectively started the war against the British rule.
The protest started after the Karnataka government organized the Tipu Jayanti event with BJP and right wing activist announcing the protest. A VHP leader has been killed during the protest, while the Kodgau district has come to a halt following the incident. 
Tagging Tipu a ‘tyrant’ and a Hindu hater, BJP declared total boycott of the event. Speaking on the same, Prahalad Joshi of BJP said, “Tipu was an anti-national coward. He hated Hindus and was anti-Kannadiga.” Joshi further added that celebration of Tipu Jayanti is to appease Muslims. 
On the other hand, Congress defending the 18th century ruler claimed that Tipu died while fighting against the British for his country. In his counter attack, Siddaramaiah expressed, “Tipu died fighting for freedom and he was a secular ruler. He also supported the construction of temples and waged a war against the British.”
Vidhana Soudha hall was decked up and Rs. 70, 000 were allotted for the district level fests. Special lectures on Tipu were planned as well to celebrate the Tipu Jayanati in Karnataka.