No matter where Rahul Gandhi goes, controversy seems to follow him.

This time during his visit to the flood-affected areas of Tami Nadu, a former Union Minister was seen carrying Rahul’s slippers at the time Rahul was going to step into the floodwaters.

This controversy resulted when the former MoS PMO V. Narayanasamy was seen carrying Rahul’s slippers when Rahul took off his shoes to step into the floodwaters.

But the former Union Minister said that the slippers that he was holding were his own that he was offering to Rahul to wear before him stepping into the waters.

The minister did go on to say that Rahul had been carrying his shoes at all times and had not even allowed the security personnel to hold them for him.

No official reaction has come from Rahul Gandhi regarding this incident.

Many PROs and BJP leaders have uploaded pictures on their Facebook and Twitter accounts of the former Minister carrying ‘the’ slippers, criticising the Congress of dynastic politics.