New Delhi: Delhi government today held a review meeting on rising pollution level and traffic in the capital and discussed plans on how the situation could be improved.
Addressing the fact that the public transport system is weak in Delhi, the government today came out with the following considerations and actions that need to be taken:
  • The bus lanes in Delhi will be properly marked. All PWD roads will be repaired completely by 25th Dec and max by  Jan 1. In the bus lane if any car or any other vehicle is obstructing the lanes a heavy fine will be levied. 
  • Information on bus routes will be put up everywhere for the convenience of passengers. 
  • 4000 private CNG buses will ply in Delhi. Another 2700 buses registered with schools will see 2000 of them plying daily. In these buses half the seats will be reserved for women.
  • Metro will run all trains during peak frequency.
  • Construction sites are being reviewed. All new/upcoming projects will be reviewed weekly and if there are violations there will be a fine.
  • 6000 buses will be run in coordination. Though the drivers will be non-DTC, the conductors will be of DTC.
  • The numbers of autos too will be doubled. The State govt is working on having two drivers drive a single auto on rotation basis, so that the auto is available on road for longer hours.
  • An app named ‘Pucho’ will also be on trial run from tomorrow for 10 days. All auto drivers will update their ‘NOS’ in this time. For public this app will be launched on the 25th.
  • Efforts are on to see that local trains are properly equipped and function regularly on time.
  • Biogas burning will be prohibited. It will be liable to Rs 5000 ‘challan’ if someone is caught burning leave
  • Aam Aadmi Party said, “We just want to tell Delhi people that we will do everything diligently.”
On VIP vehicle exclusions, AAP said, ”Who will be excluded and who won’t be excluded you will be told about it before 25 December. We are giving you details as and when they’re being finalised.” 


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