DELHI: AAP government is to conduct a ‘rehearsal’ of the Odd-Even plan on January 30th, 2015, which is tomorrow. However, the Delhi Police is unaware of this trial.  
BS Bassi, Delhi Police Commissioner was quoted saying, “We are not aware of any rehearsal plan of Odd-Even on December 30, 2015.” 
The top cop is also seeing exemptions as hindrances in the rollout of the plan. He has tweeted asking people not to use medical emergency exemption of the Odd-Even plan and has also appealed to the people to be truthful while claiming it. 
Bassi, has also made it very clear that, the volunteers have to act on the instructions of the police and not on their own. He further added that stopping or asking someone to return is also an IPC crime. 
Delhi government will be conducting a trial on December 30, 2015 of the Odd-Even plan. Some of the highlights of the same are:
Full rehearsal on December 30, from 8 am to 8 pm.
No challans will be issued.
1k volunteers to take part.
3k extra buses to run on Delhi roads.
Buses will be following bus lane on Dec 30.
30 interceptor teams to be present.
Metro to run on peak time frequency.
Google to share bus locations.
Bus route FAQ’s on twitter.
Twitter teams to reply to Delhiites’ queries.
BS Bassi will be meeting Transport Minister Gopal Rai today at 6pm, a day before the rehearsal day.
The Odd-Even plan is to be implemented in Delhi from January 1, 2016 onwards. It will be first on a 15-day trial period.

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