Hyderabad: Rahul Gandhi today reached the campus of Hyderabad University to meet students protesting over the issue of suicide by a Dalit research student.
Addressing the students, Rahul said:
The idea of a university is that young people are provided a platform to express whatever is in their hearts. This is a stage where they can come and share their ideas regardless of religion, caste and financial state. The idea of a University is knowledge and when you try to impose one idea and try to tell them only this idea is acceptable, you cause tremendous pain to the passion of that person.
Such issues should not be politicized but in this case, instead of giving students a platform to speak, the Institute has used its power to crush them. The Vice Chancellor and minister in Delhi have not acted fairly. 
The result is that a youngster who came here to improve this country and learn and express himself was feeling so much pain that he had no other option, but to kill himself.
VC has no right to remain here as the conditions for suicide were created by the Vice Chancellor, minister and the Institute. When a student dies in an accident or suicide, the main in-charge of the University has to show the bare minimum respect and courtesy to go and meet that person’s family, and this man has not had the decency and dignity to even meet the mother. 
I agree with the demands of students. A loss has been caused to the family and Institute so the compensation has to be made. It should not only be financial but it should ensure a better future to other students.
People responsible for the incidence including VC and the minister and people who forced him to commit suicide should be punished in a strict manner.
It’s important that we create legislation where such incidents are not allowed to happen. We should build an India where every student can express without fear. 

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