Srinagar: National spokesperson of ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Sameer Kaul has resigned from the party alleging that the regional party had compromised on its stated principles.

“I feel in some respects it doesn’t match my political philosophy and Kashmiriyat and therefore I am compelled to be myself and withdraw from participation in this party with immediate effect,” Kaul, a leading oncologist, said today.

Kaul, who was with the PDP for more than three years, said, “I would request the party leadership to understand my point of view and accept my resignation forthwith.”

“When I joined PDP, I had the dream of a new Kashmir with new stakeholders, fresh ideas, honest politics and apolitical governance.

“But the moment opportunism of sharing power with the BJP succeeded, I was disappointed because all the stated principles of the creation of PDP were straightforwardly compromised,” he said.

Kaul also expressed displeasure over what he termed as “robbing” the separatists of their agenda by the PDP. 

“Despite the manufactured distraction provided by instances of flood threat and Indo-Pak talks, I certainly feel the core values of this party are up for sale. I also felt sad about robbing of agenda of various Hurriyat parties who have their own political turf which needs to be respected. 

“Misappropriation of neighbours, according to me, is a political misdemeanour,” he added.

Kaul said it is all about “the pied piper singing a different tune and trying to befool the people in a different way.”

“Also, the fact that despite assurances to me about empowering of KP community and other minorities, that the whole thing was thrown into the dustbin, was especially disheartening,” he said, adding “perhaps it had something to do with embracing the ultra-right.” 

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