SRINAGAR: A video insulting J&K IAS topper Dr Shah Faisal has gone viral on social media, where J&K Teachers’ Forum head Qayoom Wani, is seen  calling Faisal a chocolate boy and abusing him in his speech being addressed to his Forum members in Srinagar. 
In his entire speech, Wani hits out at Faisal calling him a chocolate boy and “Ullu ka Patha.” He also called him a foreigner and warned him out shunting him out of the department. 
The JKTF Chief also alleged Faisal of calling their Forum as a nuisance and a mafia. The man pointed towards his intention of ruining the education and that they will protest against their order to take it back. 
Giving the IAS topper a direct warning, the Chief said, “I am a landlord’s son and only one of us will stay here. I’m warning the chocolate boy.” 
In a recent survey, it was revealed that only 22% of the students studying in government schools are able to read and write the basics which a class two student should be able to do. Ever since Mr Faisal took over as the Director of the department, there have been some remedial measures to improve the conditions. 
In a recent circular, circulated by Mr Faisal, it asked the teachers to at least go to schools and teach the students for which they are paid. 
Looks like, this circular has seemed to irk the members of this association, making the Chief speak such slanderous statements against the IAS official. 
Dr Faisal has however sought intervention of the higher officials seeking action against Qayoom Wani for the allegations made by him. 

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