Another shocking incident was reported on this year’s Republic Day. Two bar dancers were brought to perform in the Vijayapura central jail in Karnataka on the occasion of Republic Day celebrations.
The dancers performed item numbers for the jail inmates. The video shows the female dancers dancing to the tunes of regional songs also, with money being thrown at them.
The incident has left the Karnataka jail authorities red-faced and they have been asked for an explanation as to who demanded such a kind of celebration. 
The district in-charge minister MB Patil and deputy commissioner also participated in the function in which this ‘entertainment’ programme was held.
It is believed that the two dance girls were brought from Mumbai and the prison authorities arranged this as a token of appreciation for the prisoners for their good behaviour. 
A senior police officer has been sent to investigate and to find out who planned these ’celebrations’. 
The jail turned into a ‘bar’ for a few hours. This is being seen as a disrespectful act to mark Republic Day celebrations. 

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