After the governor’s report cited cow slaughter as one of the reasons for the constitutional breakdown in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, it is now the centre’s turn to file a report in the Apex Court today. There is immense political drama unfolding over President’s rule in Arunachal. The Supreme Court is to hear the matter on 1st February.
“Almost all the reports are baseless allegations against me and against the government,” said Nabam Tuki, Former CM of Arunachal Pradesh. He said that no cow slaughter had taken place on the 17th of December and that there was only a democratic and peaceful demonstration organised by NGOs. He also added that these allegations, if true, should be presented with proof.
There are reports that there was, in fact, deteriorating law and order that led to the President’s rule being imposed and also that what is being termed as cow slaughter was actually the slaughter of another animal.
The centre stands by their statement that the Congress had no authority to continue to rule anymore. They cited reasons such as “deteriorating law and order”, “flouting the Constitution,” “speaker locked up on assembly premises,” and the fact that the “government is the minority if the December session is valid.” The Congress has posed the question as to why Nabam Tuki and his government don’t come up, hold a day session and prove the majority.
“This is the kind of report that any governor, in any non-BJP state would give,” said Congress leader Tom Vadakkan, “This is a clear cut indication that federalism in this country is under threat. It is this very BJP dispensation in their manifesto 1998 had said […] they said that they would not like the governors to be an extension of party offices and this is exactly what is happening in Arunachal Pradesh.”

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