Mumbai: BMC has decided to close down 60 government schools in Mumbai for 2 days in light of the hazardous levels of pollution in the city. The city has been covered in a thick envelope of smog for the past 2 days due to a fire at the dumping ground. 
Toxic smog has affected normal life in the city as people are experiencing burning sensation and low visibility in the morning. The smog has also caused trouble to residents of East and Central Mumbai.
The Chairman of BMC’s standing committee, Rais Shaikh has attacked fire officials for the prevailing crisis. He blamed the fire officials and said, “The situation is a result of complete failure of the mechanism. Fire officials have not been able to assess the situation in the last three days. The chief officer has gone for a ‘Darshan’ and has refused to come back. We had to make a disaster call in order to bring the situation under control. “
On BMC’s decision to close down schools, Rais said, “We were forced to evacuate and shut down the schools as breathing has become a huge problem in the area.”
Taking stock of the situation, CM Devendra Fadnavis, tweeted that all measures are being taken to douse the fire and bring pollution levels down.

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