PANAJI: Another sexist and communal statement from one of our honourable ministers invites shame to the country. Goa minister Deepak Dhavalikar endorsed his wife’s public statement that western culture’s influence has increased rapes in India.

Dhavalikar on Tuesday said that if Hindu dharma has to survive then someone has to take responsibility and create awareness.

While justifying his wife’s remarks, Dhavalikar said that rape cases were on the rise because women did not apply sindoor and wore tight and revealing clothes, adding that since my wife practices Indian rituals, she has never been a victim of even eve-teasing.

Dhavalikar’s wife Lata, addressing a convention in Margao on Sunday, appealed to the parents not to enrol their children in missionary schools. Further, she said that rapes are on rise as women are aping Western culture.

Defending his wife, the minister said, “What my wife said was true,” adding the platform where Lata was speaking, is to preach Hindu religious values and there is nothing wrong in speaking from the heart.

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