New Delhi: The Supreme Court will today hear Congress’s arguments over the imposition of President’s rule in Arunachal Pradesh.
The Congress has attacked BJP for imposing President’s rule in the state. The party has termed the move as ‘political intolerance’ by BJP and a pretext to grab power in the state.
However, the BJP has justified its decision to impose President’s rule in Arunachal in a 316-page long affidavit. The centre claimed that Congress government in the state is in a minority and is ruling with the help of banned outfits.
“The Congress which has ruled and ruined the country for more than 60 years has no moral right to criticize others. They are criticizing the government for imposing President’s rule in Arunachal and call it a murder of democracy. The Congress party has imposed President’s rule more than hundred times. Does that mean they have committed more than hundred murders?” questioned Union minister of Urban Development, Venkaiah Naidu.