A massive tragedy where 14 young Pune college students drowned at Murud Beach in Raigad district has been completely overlooked by administration and college authority that have washed their hands off the incident. But the parents of the students demand action against the college authorities for their inability to avoid this mishap.
Around 20 students were at the Murud beach yesterday swimming against the tide unaware of the heavy currents. According to the villagers, there are no lifeguards or police deployed in the beach. There is just a banner which warns visitors about the high tides. The villagers tried to save the drowning students but they were unable to bring them to shore. 
Murud beach is a famous tourist spot where people from all over Maharashtra come for picnics. Now the question which arises is who is to be blamed for this tragic incident.  Authorities who were supposed to look after the students and issue them warnings are washing their hands off this incident.
Even the local MLA is chucking off the responsibilities and blaming the CM of Maharashtra. The local administration is blaming the school authority while the school is blaming the administration. 
The disconcerting side of this incident is that there are no changes implemented in the beach. The president of Abeda Inamdar College Mr. P.A Inamder said logical enquiry will be done and the truth will be revealed soon. 

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