ANDHRA PRADESH: There has been a massive uproar over the encounter of 20 alleged smugglers by the Andhra Pradesh police in Tirupati of the state.

Massive protests broke outside Andhra social and cultural association as Tamil rights group storm protests against the killings of 20 smugglers in Andhra Pradesh.

Meanwhile, over 158 buses and 202 service trips have been cancelled from Tamil Nadu to Andhra Pradesh till further notice.

Tamil Nadu parties have created a furore over the encounter, demanding an independent probe on the issue.

While the parties have alleged that the police carried out a fake encounter and the men involved were not smugglers, the Andhra Pradesh government has backed its police, saying that the police only responded in self defence.

On Tuesday, 20 sandalwood smugglers were shot dead by Tirupati Police in the Seshachalam forest area in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.

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