Silent protests are being held in Mumbai by local residents who are fed up with the ‘killer smog’. They are seeking answers from the BMC regarding the smog that engulfed the entire city due to the Deonar dumping ground having caught fire.
Residents of the Chembur area have taken to the streets in black clothes, wearing medical masks on their face as a sign of protest, showing their anger against the Municipal authorities.
It is yet to be known if the silent march has come to the notice of the concerned authorities, as many of the BMC corporators were enjoying their paid holidays in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. But the city of Mumbai, especially the area of Chembur has been suffering due to their negligent waste management.
The fire in the dumping ground had been burning for 4 to 5 days before it was finally extinguished. The citizens have been dealing with problems like respiratory ailments, as well as low visibility on the streets due to the smog that resulted of said fire.
It is not only the Chembur area that has been affected, as visibility in Marine Drive is so low that the buildings are hardly visible in that area. Wadala and Ghatkopar were also severely affected by the smog.

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