JAIPUR: In a shocking episode from Rajasthan, a woman on Monday delivered a baby in the toilet of a still train. What added to the horror was that the infant then slipped through the toilet bowl and fell on the tracks but miraculously survived.

Travelling from Suratgarh to Hanumangarh, 22-year-old Mannu was accompanied by her husband and mother in the train when she had labour pains. She went to the restroom and delivered the baby there. Following the delivery, Mannu fell unconscious, the police said.

At the time of this unbelievable delivery, the train was stationed approximately 13 km from Hanumangarh junction and by the time the family members of Mannu could realize that she was lying in the lavatory in an unconscious state, the train had already left for Hanumangarh.

“When the train arrived at the Hanumangarh junction, they sought help from the GRP following which she was admitted to a local hospital,” a police official said.

In the mean while, a local man who saw the newborn lying in the center of the tracks and crying informed the police about it. “The baby was also hospitalized,” the police said, adding, that conditions of both the woman and the newborn were normal.

(With PTI Inputs)