DARBHANGA: A fresh row has been kicked up in Bihar by the Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital who marked the people injured in the earthquake with ‘bhukamp’ (earthquake) stickers on their forehead.

The District Magistrate has initiated investigation into the matter following the outrage. 

Narrating the trauma, a relative of one of the patients expressed, “The stickers must be removed from the patient’s foreheads. Why is it there?”

Expressing regret over the move, the Superintendent of DMCH Shankar Jha said that the stickers would be removed immediately. 

On being asked about the controversial occurrence, minister-in-charge for relief work for Darbhanga district Baidyanath Sahni explained, “I spoke with the DMCH Superintendent over the matter and have directed him to get the stickers removed at once.”

He informed of instructing the Superintendent to investigate the matter and fix responsibilities for the same. 

“At present, I am in the interior areas of Darbhanga district and on my way back. I shall visit DMCH to take a note of the situation,” he added.

On the other hand, District Magistrate Kumar Ravi described the episode as ‘incorrect’ and ordered immediate removal of stickers. 

Approximately 15 victims of the powerful earthquake were admitted to DMCH initially for the treatment and six out of them are still being treated.


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