PUNJAB:  In another tragic episode in Punjab, a 14-year-old has been killed after she was thrown off a moving bus in Punjab on Wednesday for resisting molestation attempts by a group of men while her mother is still in hospital with severe injuries.

Two persons have been arrested and booked for murder in the case, that has once again scratched the wounds of 2012 Delhi gang-rape in our heart.

The incident took place when a teenager accompanied by her mother and younger brother boarded the private bus from their village in Moga district to visit a gurdwara last evening. The bus had only few people travelling in it.

“They continued to abuse us and no one came for to help us. They first pushed my daughter and then me,” said the victim’s mother who remained unconscious for hours at a district hospital.

According to the reports, the harassment began soon after the family boarded the bus. “The conductor refused to give a ticket to my daughter,” informed the 38-year-old mother being treated in a hospital at present. 

Approximately 10 km after the journey, a fellow passenger allegedly started misbehaving with the minor and the mother was attacked after she tried to save her daughter. 

The bus conductor, instead of helping the mother-daughter duo allegedly joined the gang and started abusing them, reports said.

In a desperate need for help, the woman then rushed to the driver and pleaded for help but he reportedly continued the drive.

The woman and her daughter were allegedly harassed by around six men, believed to be the friends of the driver till the time bus slowed down at a turn. She has accused the gang of then pushing both of them off the bus.

As hours passed before they could get any medical help, the minor had already succumbed to the injuries on the road.

The bus reportedly functioned by an influential political family has been tracked; however, the police are yet to find the driver and the conductor.

Angry villagers gathered at the hospital claimed that even after 12 hours, no action has been taken. “We are investigating and will not spare the accused,” said Jatinder Khaira, a senior police officer.

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