MUMBAI: While long debates have surrounded the issue of women discrimination several times at different platforms, it seems there is still no end to the matter. In another shocking incident of women unfairness from the Maharashtra state, jointly ruled by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Shiv Sena, a journalist of a national news channel claimed that she faced discrimination at a function organized by the Swami Narayan Trust on cow slaughter.

 The woman claimed that she was asked to vacate her seat in the front row as the organizers of the event forcibly asked her to move saying, “In our culture, women do not occupy the front seat.”

The lady was asked to vacate despite of the first three rows being reserved for the journalists. 

In spite of intervention by the BJP’s Mumbai Chief Ashish Shelar who requested the organizer to permit the reporters to sit, all female journalists were asked to be seated beyond the fourth row.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was reportedly not present at the event. However, he criticized the community when he was informed about the incident.

“We are in the 21st century and all action discriminating women should be stopped and if we do not put an end to such practices and treat women and men equally, then we are never going to move ahead on the path of development. I request you to stop this tradition and treat women equally,” said Fadnavis.

Many female spokespersons of different political parties have criticized the discriminatory attitude that is unacceptable. 

Several female speakers of various political parties said that such discriminatory attitude is unacceptable.

Neelam Gorhe of Shiv Sena expressed that it is important to debate on these issue and women discrimination should be fought against. 

“There are different religions having different ideas and there are several which do not favour women. Our religion needs to grow ahead and not look behind. At an age where you have women monks (sadhvis), and religious rites are carried out by women pundits, this kind of treatment is not acceptable,” said Gorhe.

On the other hand, Nationalist Congress Party leader Chitra Wagh and Congress’ Rajni Patil too criticized the episode.

BJP spokesperson Shaina NC expressed that such incidents should be completely detested.

“In our culture women are given priority and encouraged to come ahead. It is appalling that instead of offering a seat to women they are asking them to sit away,” said Shaina.

Gender discrimination is the main issue for increasing crime against women even in a progressive state like Maharashtra.  Several cases of women discrimination, eve teasing, child molestation etc are reported from different parts of the state every year where 60 per cent of the incidents go unnoticed.

Will India ever be able to come out of such episodes is something every woman residing in the country thinks who not only feels unsafe but also humiliated with the occurrence of these incidents.

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