PANAJI: There is a “very strong nexus” between the media, businessmen and politicians, AAP national secretary Pankaj Gupta said here on Tuesday.

Gupta, who was in Goa to oversee the affairs of the Aam Aadmi Party in the state, also said that the media should not ignore the “positive” achievements of his party and aim for “balanced” coverage instead of focusing only on the negative elements.

“There is no balance. I would say show everything… show all the positive, show all the negative, people will decide,” he said. “See, we have discussed this and perhaps everyone knows that there is a very strong nexus. Media is controlled by business, business is controlled by politicians,” Gupta said.

The national secretary’s comments come a few days after AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal criticised a large section of the media for running baseless stories and even advocating public trials of erring media platforms.

Asked if the AAP, which is in power in Delhi, was willing to come up with a law to control errant journalism, Gupta said: “I don’t think this law comes under Delhi government, it is a part of the central law. I am not aware. But since you have raised it when I go back I will definitely look into it.”

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