NEW DELHI: The anger continues to grow in the national capital after a video showing Delhi Traffic Police officer Satish Chandra hitting a woman with a brick went viral following an argument over traffic violation. However, an audio has emerged in the recent episode that was recorded just moments before the attack where the lady is reportedly heard declining to show her vehicle registration papers and driving licence to the police officer, and also abusing him.

Sacked by Delhi Police, Satish Chandra offered the audio clip. A case has also been registered against him.

The alleged cop in the tape is heard telling the woman that a traffic challan would be issued against her from the court if she does not bare the fine. The tape also narrates that the woman was not carrying valid documents of her vehicle. 

However, standing in defence of the woman, senior officers said that even though the woman denied to share the documents and abused the traffic cop, it yet not permitted him of assaulting her and it did not justify the atrocious attack on her.

In her complaint, the woman alleged Chandra insisted for bribe so Prevention of Corruption Act was raised.

There was no reason with the constable on why he did not report the matter immediately after the woman picked up the fight. The dismissed official made a call to the PCR after a spectator interfered. 

Both video and audio clipping would be sent for forensic examination for further analysis. 

Here is the transcription of the audio conversation:

W: Why should I show my driving license to you?
C: I will issue you a challan
W: I would not give you any money on the spot
C: I will send you to court! You do not have a Registration certificate or a licence. What sort of behavior is this?
W: Why do you think I don’t have a license? I am not a loser like you
C: I am not a loser, you are!
W: Talk to me properly

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