GURGAON: This ‘Traffic Tau’ who has been missing from the Gurgaon roads since few months is back to warn people to follow traffic rules and educate them about the same.

Placing Assistant Sub-Inspector Virender Singh Balaara on roads to educate people was an initiative that was started by Joint Commissioner of Police Bharti Arora in December 2013.

In his 40s, this mascot of Gurgaon Traffic Police boasts a tough look and dons a pair of white dhoti-kurta, a red pagdi, and a blue waistcoat accompanied by an extremely heavy laathi. However, he is certainly not on roads to scare the traffic violators and the idea is to proficiently educate people about road safety and road rules but in a homely way.

In Haryanvi, the word ‘Tau’ means ‘paternal uncle’ and that is exactly the gesture this Traffic Tau will offer you. 

A ‘Tau’ is a respected figure in the Haryana society and therefore, this advising mascot works even better in Gurgaon.

Without causing any monetary hassle to you, ‘Traffic Tau’ in his way of guiding you about the road safety would make you do sit-ups. He tells you about the possible pain you could cause to your loved ones if you break the traffic rules. But most importantly, he gives a message that is loud and clear that the ‘Traffic Police Department’ is your friend.

Well, this is not all that this Traffic Tau does. Apart from guiding you about road safety, your favourite ‘Tau ji’ in Gurgaon also tells about a healthy diet one should have, respecting women and be a better person. 

With a strong opinion on drunk driving, he tells people about his concern that how people use their ‘sources’ and ‘connections’ to get out of such situations on being caught.

He visited the Rapid Metro Gurgaon Wednesday where he briefed the commuters about the road safety and pledged to spread road safety messages and follow traffic rules. Some commuters even took a selfie with him.

But overall, this Traffic Tau is definitely an endearing man with a strong Haryanvi accent who welcomes people with a magnificent rustic charm. 

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