MUMBAI: A Jet Airways pilot decided to cancel take-off two days ago after he spotted a group of parachutes like objects straying onto the Mumbai airport airspace. The incident that was reported around 5:55 PM on Saturday has sent the security agencies into a tizzy.

The pilot of the aircraft that was scheduled to fly to Ahmedabad informed the Air Traffic Controller of what he had noticed.

The officials further warned agencies about the probability of the believed-to-be parachutes being remote-controlled that were moving from south to north.

Several agencies such as the ATC, the IAF, the CISF and the Mumbai Police are investigating the happening. 

According to a media report, a police official explained, “The Mumbai runway is close to the Juhu beach where such lanterns are sold over the weekends. There is a possibility that these sky lanterns, owing to the wind condition, would have travelled towards the runway.”  He further added, “The pilot who spotted ‘some orange-yellow luminous flying objects’ would have mistaken them for paragliders.”

Juhu ATC is as well informed by the airport police as the parachutes headed towards Juhu.

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