MUMBAI: Not many days ago, a youth from Mumbai was denied a job in a leading export company for being a ‘Muslim’ and practicing ‘Islam’.  A fresh incident has been reported on Wednesday where a 25-year-old Muslim girl Misbah Qadri has been bluntly denied a flat in the financial capital of India due to her religion. (Also Read: “We hire only ‘Non-Muslim’ candidates”. This MBA graduate faces religious discrimination)

While her flat-mates did get a house, Qadri claimed that she was soon after forced to sign a bond claiming she would have no objection to any hate crime because of her religion. 

However, she was later threatened by the broker, who asked her to vacate the house, else she will be taken to the cops. 

“I have been forcefully asked to vacate the house only because I am a Muslim. Even in the plush areas and societies of this city, where I am ready to pay the desired amount, I am given the worst plot,” she said while speaking to NewsX.

She further added that she is often judged for her attire, which is a ‘common practice in Gujarat’. “I earlier had apprehensions with this behavior of people here and I was ignoring it. But now, I have decided that I will not let it go and raise my voice against this racial discrimination,” added Qadri.

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