MUMBAI: 25-year-old Misbah Quadri on Wednesday made sensational claims that she was denied a flat in Mumbai to be rented out as she is a Muslim. The young media professional from Gujarat claimed that she was forced to vacate the house because of her religion and this was not the first time that she faced racial discrimination in the ‘City of Dreams’.

Further alleging that religious discrimination is a ‘common practice’ in Gujarat, she said that she initially ignored the matter but now she has decided not to keep mum about it as her landlord was a racist. 

The supervisor of the society accused on the other hand has denied all such charges and claimed of other Muslim families residing in the society. “This matter is between the tenant and the broker. There are several Muslim families residing in the building,” he was quoted in a media report.

However, a fresh twist erupted in the allegations raised by Quadri soon after she approached media for her allegations on the owner of the house. According to the social media buzz, there was no truth in Misbah Quadri’s story of being discriminated on religious grounds as she was trapped in a police complaint of living illegally in the house.

Did Misbah Quadri lie?

NewsX has exclusively accessed a copy of the police complaint that was submitted by the broker of flat 1002 of Sanghvi Heights where Misbah was residing. In his complaint to police, the broker has alleged that Misbah Quadri had been staying in the flat illegally without the ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the builder and also the police verification. 

Reports also suggest that Misbah had not been paying the rent of the house as the actual resident of the house portrayed her as the ‘Guest’. 

Another reason that adds to the Misbah controversy is that even though the girl claimed of being thrown out of the house on religious grounds, it is to be noted that there other eight Muslim families residing in Sanghvi Heights building.

Why is police on the denial mode?

Even as NewsX has accessed the copy of the complaint that was filed by the broker on April 16, the police have denied of filing any FIR against the girl. The police even refused of any complaint being registered against her for illegally residing in the flat, however, NewsX did get the access of the complaint copy.

Who is Misbah Quadri?

Misbah Quadri, originally from Gujarat is a media professional residing in Mumbai. She recently alleged of being discriminated on religious terms and even said that it was a common practice in Gujarat. 

According to her social media details, Misbah Quadri is an anti-Modi person who has even joined a community named ‘We Hate Modi’.

Several people on social media have reacted to her story which they as well believe is framed.

Here is the full text of the complaint filed to police by the broker:

Dear Sir, 

I am a property broker. I have given flat number 1002 in Sanghvi Heights, opposite Indian Oil, Wadala East, Mumbai belonging to Mr. Shaurabh Mitra on leave and licence agreement to

Mr. Rishi Ranka

Ms Radhi Chandorkar

Ms Maitri Rajkumar

For which I have done leave and licence agreement registration and obtained police intimation. 

I came to know that Ms Misbah Quadri is also staying in the flat without leave and licence agreement registration, without builder ‘No Objection Certificate’, without police intimation. Despite communicating, the above that staying without proper document is illegal. Ms Misbah Quadri is staying in flat 1002 Sanghvi Heights posing as ‘GUEST’ quoted by Ms. Maitri Rajkumar and Ms Radhi Chandorkar.

Sir, please help us and take necessary required action


(Name of the broker)

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