JAMMU: After major devastation in Jammu and Kashmir floods last year, the heartbroken farmers in the state are once again facing a big disappointment. After receiving compensation cheques of only Rs. 47 to a maximum amount of Rs. 378, the farmers certainly believed that the government just rubbed salt over their wounds.

The cheques were distributed to the farmers by the agriculture inspector of the Sarora village in Jammu.

Angry farmers are now intending to protest against the ruling coalition government in the state (Bharatiya Janata Party-People’s Democratic Party) over the joke under the umbrella of compensation which they tag as an ‘insult’ to them because the crops damage was extensive after the flood devastated the state completely.

Narrating their grief, one of the farmers said, “While we were waiting for the compensation cheques desperately, we received unbelievable amounts like Rs. 47, Rs.50, Rs.92, Rs.94, Rs. 113. This must be a joke, we believe. We received a cheque of Rs. 100 after losing Rs. 30, 000.”

After returning the cheques they received, taking a jibe at the amount given, the farmers suggested the officials who offered them the cheque to buy a dozen of bananas and other fruits available in that amount for their kids while they are on their way back home. 

They further said that the farmers should be left to commit suicide if the government had gone bankrupt and cannot come forward to extend ‘genuine help’. “This attitude of the government clearly shows that there is no government at all in J&K,” said one of the famers.

Slamming the ruling government, former Chief Minister and National Conference leader Omar Abdullah said, “The Modi-Mufti accord continues to prove that power was the only objective.”

Around 300 lost their lives and numerous were rendered houseless with a massive property loss after the state experienced worst-ever floods in a decade in September 2014.

The Centre on Tuesday approved a project worth more than Rs. 400 crore for urgent flood management works in flood-affected Kashmir, said a visiting Parliamentary Panel.

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