WEST BENGAL: In another shocking report from West Bengal, the majority community has yet another time come under the attack in the 24 Parganas District on June 4. A mob was attacked in the Samudragarh village of Bengal and the cops they trusted all this while reportedly turned blind towards their plight.

The provocation borne out of an attack on a local shop and rumour mongering soon assumed the shape of a murderous witch hunt against a community which finds itself in a minority in the area. 

For a few days, murderous mobs rampaged through the streets smoking out members of the community. The ill fated community found themselves isolated and terrorized. The state machinery led by the police did nothing, reports said.

West Bengal is turning a terror hub as this is the sixth attack in last four months. 

Speaking about the same, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Siddharth Nath Singh accused the Mamata Banerjee government of playing communal politics. “TMC is playing communal politics and a strict action should be taken. There is no law or order in Bengal,” he said while speaking to NewsX.

Several houses have been damaged and looted in the series of attacks in the state.

6 responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Majority community under attack again in West Bengal, BJP blames TMC of playing communal politics”

  1. Thnx to NewsX for raising this story.Where are those liberals,Politicians gone who used to scream on any attack on muslims

  2. Congress and CPI(M) both are anti-Hindu jihadi outfit.They neither represent interest of Hindu nor truth.You must call Hindu Samhati ,which is only fighting for Hindu right,in every discussion on attack on Hindus in West Bengal.

  3. I was searching for this news on whole net and other news channels. But it seems everybody turned blind eye to this except NewsX. Hope other news channel also try to show the truth.

  4. What a shame.. Now where is the so-called secular media,the so-called secular anti-Indian political parties.. they would have screamed louder if the same thing had happened to any Muslim..

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