New Delhi: Two gangsters allegedly involved in 20 cases of robbery, burglary, vehicle theft and drug-peddling have been arrested, police said on Saturday.

Following a tip-off, police arrested Sahid Ali alias Mogli, 22, and Kuldeep Sain alias Rahul, 22, on Tuesday while they were riding a stolen motorcycle in South Delhi’s R.K. Puram area.

Police also recovered five stolen motorcycles and three expensive mobile phones.

Ali, who was also arrested last year, was later released on bail in March, 2015.

Ali and Sain are school dropouts, drug addicts and came in contact with each other in jail where both of them decided to form a “Mogli gang” on being released, police said. 

During interrogation, both purportedly confessed to many incidents of theft and auto lifting in south Delhi.

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