MUMBAI! City of dreams… as many call it. You like it or hate it; it is true that you at least once want to visit it. For those who have spent their life in Mumbai exactly knows what we mean when we say that Mumbai is a lot more than just a city. It is an emotion, a feeling, a language and a craze that lives for long amongst Mumbai lovers. 

While many feel that Mumbai is over-crowded, packed with traffic jams and is not worthy enough to stay, there is a large group of people who swear by the city. Let’s take a look on 16 reasons that make Mumbai a best emotion one could feel.

Mumbai Rains

Mumbai monsoons are world famous. Even now, it is making headlines due to non-stop rains in the city that has come to a halt due to it. But still, each Mumbaikar eagerly waits for the ‘pehli barrish’ of Mumbai. It’s so much close to their heart!

Be yourself

One of the most important factors… the city does not boast of judgmental people. Wear whatever; do whatever and stay happy as there is nobody judging you for what you are.

Makes you a better person

Life is certainly not easy in Mumbai. One has to go through different levels and stages of struggle in this city that never sleeps to achieve dreams. But yes, it will promise to give you what you want. The self-dependent attitude of the city definitely makes you a better person. You can survive anywhere in the world, if you have survived in Mumbai. 

You will never starve

Even if you are running short of money, or probably do not intend to spend a big amount on your daily meal, you still can survive in this city. Vada Pao priced at Rs. 20 or 30 is something people vouch for. Not only low on cost, it is the traditional dish of the town delivering finger licking taste. Even if you are out of Mumbai and eat this dish somewhere else, it is sure to remind of the city. Haven’t you seen so many shacks selling ‘Mumbai ka famous vada pao’ in Delhi also? It says it all…

Traffic Jams

Traffic jams eat up a lot of time and patience of people here. But yes, even if you are stuck for two hours in traffic, you will never be late. One simple reason, people have adapted to it and have gone stronger with it instead of getting cranky. They schedule their time in such a way, that they are never late even if they are stuck.

Local Trains

Mumbai local trains are something many talks about; in fact, even the Bollywood movies. It is true that one single complete route of a train could actually explain the entire geography of the financial capital of the country. People from all walks of life will often rub their shoulders here or are even spotted hanging to the doors. 

Friends Forever

Friends here are not for a reason. Nobody is talking to you for a cause, if there is one, they would tell you clearly without any false promises and hopes. If the city has given you some friends, be sure that they will be your friend forever.

Places that make you happy

Well, you can spend your entire day just sitting at the Band Stand, while the nights are rejoiced the most with the cool breeze at the Marine Drive. You simply cannot be unfamiliar with these places if ever you have heard about Mumbai. Isn’t it? These places will see all emotions of happiness, joy, sorrow, love, etc.

Short space, big heart

Well, we all know that Mumbai is famous for small houses. The so-called 1BHK is actually not 1 BHK. It probably would have hall and kitchen within the same bedroom. But yes, those five people living under that roof would have big hearts, we are sure!

Safer for fairer sex

No city is completely crime free that indeed is true. But Mumbai is definitely relatively a safer city when compared to others especially the national capital, Delhi. At least you would not think twice before stepping out of home after its dark.

Yellow-Black Taxi

The yellow-black taxi available at almost every 50 metres is something people are dependent on. It gives the feeling of living basic life with basic rules. No show off, no restrictions… Simple, yet surprising.

Colaba VS Bandra – The architecture

Mumbai architecture is a topic of discussion even at the global level. While the tall buildings at Colaba will take you back to the history, sky lines at Bandra side and Heera Nandani will give an international touch. The mixture of the two in the same city is sure to leave the tourists mesmerized.

Work Hard, Party Harder

It seems that the phrase is aptly made on the life people live in Mumbai. While they leave no stone unturned to work their spirit out throughout the week, they party even harder as and when they have to. Weekends will see the buzz around the city in a most different way as compared to the entire country.

One Corner, One place, One person, you will notice every time

Okay, now this sounds weird and strange but is indeed true! There are many places in Mumbai where you will often spot same people, sometime seated alone and sometime in a group at the same time and same place for years and years. Don’t believe us? Try out the coffee shops at Band Stand for some days.

‘All is One’

While we have often heard that ‘God is One’, Mumbai believes in the concept of ‘All is One’. The fact that there is no one rich or poor here makes it different from others in the country. It is one of the few cities where you will find people of every caste, creed and sex enjoying the same meal, together. Not only this, everyone travels in the same bus, train, works at the same place and share the ‘dabba system’. 

Every corner has a story

Hardly will you find an area in Mumbai which does not have an inspiring story. Every corner of every society would have a different experience to share. Some made them a better human being; others gave them a chance to live a practical life. 

Well, if we do not end here, the list shall go on… It would be no wrong to say that Mumbai is crowded, but at the same time, it is to be noted that this city is over-crowded with emotions.

In spite of the hardships and problems that this expensive city throws at one, it leaves an emotional impact on each one’s heart which gives them a reason to stay here.

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