NEW DELHI: Maggi has been banned in different parts of the country including the national capital and people from across the country have expressed their diverse reactions towards on it on social media. Well, it was obvious as it is almost impossible to find an alternative to your favourite 2-minute noodles. Maggi, that has certainly become our addiction ever since we were kids, to the disappointment of many, has been removed from several shelves in India. (Also Read: Maggi and Baba Ramdev: Here is what people are talking, Yoga guru breaks silence)

Maggi noodles that was once sold for Rs. 10 or 20 is now sold at Rs. 102 per packet. Yes, you read it right! The quick snack is being sold at a huge price especially for the students who were dependent on it for at least their one meal in a day. But what has surprised us is that people are actually turning up to buy the product even at this price following the ban. (Also Read: 8 reasons why you should not eat Maggi)

The shopkeepers especially noticed in South Delhi and West Delhi are selling the product, obviously not publicly, but under the counters and in a black plastic bag for whatever amount they want to and are happy to have satisfied customers for it. (Also Read: After Maggi, 5 things that should be immediately banned)

The move proves that the loyal Maggi lovers care no more about the excess quantity of lead and MSG present in it. 

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