JAIPUR:  The driver of actor and politician Hema Malini was arrested today morning after a four-year-old child was killed when her speeding Mercedes collided with a Maruti Alto in Rajasthan on Thursday evening while the ‘Dream Girl’ was seated in the car.

Driver Mahesh Thakur was arrested following a First Information Report (FIR) filed against him by the father of the child who died in the accident.

With great difficulty, Harsh who was being treated for injuries in his legs and collar bone and multiple fractures informed that he was driving his Alto occupied with others in it.

While his six-year-old son was rushed to Jaipur’s SMS hospital and is still undergoing treatment in the ICU after suffering fractures in both the legs, another 4-year-old child (Sonam) is unfortunately no more, reports said.

According to the police, “The Mercedes was speeding and drove over the divider.” However, they also added that driver of the Alto may not have been paying attention too while entering the section of the highway where collision took place. 

The incident took place in Dausa, about 60 km from state capital Jaipur around 9PM last evening.

66-year-old actor-turned-politician was not seriously hurt in the accident but images that have gone viral on internet suggest that the front end of her luxury car was severely crumpled and the forehead bled majorly as she held a bloodied handkerchief. 

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s lawmaker was treated for minor injuries in a Jaipur hospital where staff said she walked in unaided and received four stitches.

“Hema has injuries above her eyes, on her back and legs. I drove her to the hospital in my car. She was in pain,” Rajasthan lawmaker Shankar Lal Sharma told reporters on Thursday.

Like Hema Malini, Vasundhra Raje is also a BJP lawmaker and also the Rajasthan Chief Minister. She expressed her grief over the incident on her Twitter wall which said: 


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