UTTAR PRADESH: In an alleged harassment case, this brave-heart offered an epic response to an eve teaser in front of the police officials inside a police station in Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh.

The video shot by a cop is doing rounds on internet and the girl who thrashed the alleged eve-teaser is gaining appreciation and praises for her brave act from across the country.

The video shows the girl beating up a boy who continuously harassed her and reportedly passed abusive comments on students passing. It shows the girl continuously slapping and hitting the man charged. Not only this, she even forced him to touch her feet.

However, it is to be noted that even though the act of the boy is morally and legally incorrect, many believe that the guy should have been treated according to the laws. 

What caught the attention of the people was that the incident took place in presence of the police officials who stood as the mute spectators and did not believe in intervening.

The incident has yet another time brought the lack of law and order in the Samajwadi Party ruled Uttar Pradesh where episodes such as eve-teasing, rape etc are becoming an everyday thing. 

The girl who showed no mercy to the eve-teaser while speaking exclusively to NewsX said, “He had been continuously abusing me but I was shut for long. But now, when things turned ugly and he maintained to use abusive language, I decided not to take it any further. I stopped him outside the police station and pulled out the keys of his bike. I then dragged him from his collar to the station and handed him over to the police.”

According to the girl, the police then seized his bike and locked him. “I do not want him to be behind the bars or there should be any FIR against him but all that I did was only to teach him a lesson that he should not repeat the same thing with any other girl,” she added.