Harassment in the name of cow vigilantism might end soon in Maharashtra as the state police will now be given cow meat detection kits, which will enable them in detecting beef.

It is important to note that lab tests usually take about 2-3 days in giving out the results whereas this kit will take only 30 minutes to to identify beef in a sample.

As per the reports, 45 mobile forensic vehicles equipped with cow meat detection kit will be available across the state by July end.

NewsX spoke to KV Kurkarni, Director of Forensic Science Laboratory in Maharashtra who stressed that these kits will be used only for quick detection and lab results will be considered final.

“Lab results require a lot of time, while this kit gives result within half an hour. After quick detection, the sample will be sent to forensic lab for final report,” Kulkarni said.

He also discussed drawbacks of the kit and said it will work only if sample is fresh.

“The biggest drawback of the kit is that it requires fresh sample. So if police seize an old sample it would give non-confirmative results, and sample will be to be sent for DNA test which requires more time,” he said.

Incidences of violence in the name of cow protection have increased in the state of Maharashtra following beef ban in the state.

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