In a shocking incident, a man slapped traffic policeman only because he stopped by the cop from jumping red light in Thane’s Vasai area in the state of Maharashtra.

The development came to light after the entire incident was caught on camera by an onlooker as the ‘rowdy’ man assaulted the cop on duty during broad day light.

Condemning the incident, area Police Inspector, Anil Patil said that the offender was identified and will be arrested on the earliest.

“We have identified the culprit who slapped the traffic policeman. He will be arrested soon,” said Anil Patil.

The police have taken cognizance of the 15-second grainy video, which shows the attacker assaulting the traffic policeman.

The video shows the man, apparently travelling in a scooty with a child, puts the two-wheeler to stand and starts grappling with the cop instantly.

Still recovering from the brazen assault, the cop then tries to move the man away from the spot.

This is when the man tows up and starts slapping the policeman until the other traffic constable on duty come to hold the attacker against a car.

Notably, the incident took place in broad day light with a number of people around, shows the lack of respect and hooliganism of the man.

The details of the incident that led to the outbreak are still not clear and the matter is under investigation.

The initial report, however, suggests that the argument happened after the traffic policeman tried to stop the man from jumping a crowded red light.

Moreover, the video also shows that the attacker was wearing no helmet; essentially a reason for the policeman to stop him.

(This is a developing story, more details awaited)


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