After two back to back stalking cases and a failed kidnapping attempt in Chandigarh, yet another shocking incident has emerged from the city of Noida where a few goons tried to abduct a girl in broad day light.

The girl, who was travelling in her scooty on a road near Sector 49 area of the city, was stopped in the middle by few men who were inside a car. The miscreants tried to pull the girl inside their car, but failed to do so after she resorted to shouting which raised an alarm and caught the attention of the by-passers.

The goons fled away from the site seeing the girl retaliate with people coming to the girl’s rescue. The whole incident was captured in a CCTV camera installed on the street. Noida Police got in touch with the victim quickly and registered a complaint on her request. Police are currently verifying the CCTV footage and are on a look out for the accused.

With 3 such incidents reported in less than a week’s time, it’s high time the country begin thinking seriously about women’s security. The situation is alarming and the government should react before its too late.

Earlier this week Varnika Kundu a Chandigarh based DJ and daughter of a senior Haryana IAS officer was stalked and chased abruptly by two drunk men Vikas Barala the son of Haryana BJP chief and his friend Ashish Kumar. The incident created huge uproar throughout the nation and led to the arrest of the accused duo. 

In another such case a mother of two in Mumbai was stalked by a man late at night while she was returning home with her kids. The accused to the woman’s horror loitered around her house till past midnight leaving only after she called the police and made a complaint. Police was quick to react and arrested the man who was later identified as an IT professional working in Mumbai.