Kavya Pooja, a school student and a promising player was found hanging in her hostel room on July 20.The school authorities claimed that the girl committed suicide.

NewsX was the only media house to have brought the school administration under scrutiny with extensive coverage of the case in a quest to provide justice to Kavya. 

Exclusive CCTV footages of pre-incident were accessed by NewsX, where Kavya can be seen with her friends in the school premises suggesting no mental agony, as has been suggested by the school, which had said the girl was upset with her low scores in Hindi subject.

Her family has alleged foul play. As they were not informed and were in fact kept waiting outside when their 15-year-old daughter was taken to the mortuary, glaring lapses come to light in the investigation.

In a bid to secure justice for Kavya and her family, NewsX went inside the Alva school campus where the incident which shook the whole Mangalore district took place.

We caught up with the school principal who revealed that Kavya came to school on the incident day and left for hostel around 4 PM. She also questioned her friends how strong is the fan and roof, later that day she didn’t show up for practice and was found hanging in her hostel room in the evening. Nobody was there in the ward when she committed suicide, the principal added.

One of Bhavya’s classmate and roommate Amrutha talked about the day her friend committed suicide. “After practice in the morning she came to class and sat next to me, she was fine but was not happy with the marks. She started crying but was fine once we consoled her; she also had lunch with us and went back to hostel around 3:30PM. While going back she also questioned us about the fan in the room, “How strong is the fan” she asked. But I am sure she couldn’t have committed suicide, she was a very coperative and helpful girl.

Vijay Lakshmi another roomate of Kavya remembered the incident thoroughly as the saree Kavya used to hang herself was of her mother. “Our hometown Kundapura is very close to our hostel. So mother used to visit quite often, she always used to carry her baggage. I had asked her to keep her saree in my cupboard.  Kavya’s cupboard was next to mine, so she took the saree and committed suicide.

Lakshmi was the one who first saw Kavya hanging, startled from the incident, she shouted for help and told her friend Nikitha who jumped from the next room and opened the door removing Kavya from the saree roped around her.

The hostel warden said she was not present in the campus when the incident took place: “On that day I had taken a 7th standard student to hospital. By the time I could reach back the students told me that Kavya committed suicide.

“Kavya was still breathing, so we decided to rush her to the nearest hospital but she could not be saved;” she was a very silent girl and hardly used to talk to the people, the warden added.

The unfolding of the events still raise doubts over the suicide, whether it’s a case of lapse from the school’s side or an actual suicide due to mental pressure bundled over the deceased.