Wife of superstar Rajnikanth, Latha Rajinikanth’s Chennai-based school has been sealed due to non-payment of rent. The active 300 students of the school have now been shifted to another branch.

Latha is the founder and owner of Ashram Matriculation School which is funded and managed by her. The school had for long been in controversy due to lack of monetary funds, last year the school staff protested against Rajinikanth for not releasing their salaries on time.

According to sources the reason for shutdown is said to be a pending payment of more than Rs 2 crore which has not been paid to the landowners of the institution.

 Close to about 300 students studying in the school have been reportedly shifted to an ICSE campus amid the controversy. Failing to adhere to the rent of the building where the school premises is built, the owners resorted to sealing of the school.

 Meanwhile according to news agency ANI owner Latha Rajinikanth has denied any such incident, in a statement released by the school she requested public not to believe the news of the sealing of the school due to non payment reasons.