In a shocking incident, a 12-year-old schoolgirl in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli district committed suicide after a teacher humiliated her for menstrual stains.

The class VII student jumped off a 25-foot building, leaving behind a suicide note that claimed she was tortured by her teacher.

The girl was scolded and embarrassed in front of her peers for a few blood stains on her uniform. The teacher allegedly reprimanded her when her menstrual blood stained her uniform and the bench.

The 7th grader committed suicide by jumping off from her neighbour’s terrace at around 3 am.

Her parents had no idea why she took her life until they found a suicide note which read: “Amma please forgive me, I don’t see any other way. Did I ever get reported when I was in Class VI? Then why is my Class VII teacher complaining about me? What mistake have I done that they’re torturing me like this? I don’t have any option. I must die.”

The teacher has been booked with abetment to suicide, though no arrests have been made so far.