In what can be dubbed as a reference to a modern day ‘Shravan Kumar’, a tribal man in Odisha travelled 40 kms barefoot, carrying his old parents to court seeking justice in an alleged fake case against him.

Identified as Kartik Singh of Moroda village in Odhisa’s district of Mayurbhanj, he claims that Moroda Police lodged “fake FIR” against him and locked him up in jail for 18 days in 2009, reports ANI.

Kartik said that because he was put in jail for 18 days, the villagers have ‘out-casted’ him from the society.

A video footage of the man carrying his old parents in a wooden basket — like Shravan Kumar — has also surfaced, where Kartik can be seen walking barefoot while on his way to the court.

Kartik says that, after being out-casted from the village, no one has given him any job. He claims that despite being educated, he cannot go out to earn as he has the responsibility to take care of old parents back home.

Moreover, Kartik says that due to the fake FIR against him, still active for over 9 years now, he is not able to find a job or get married.

Asked for adopting this unique way to demonstrate his protest, Kartik said that he wants to prove himself as ‘not guilty’ in front of his old parents.


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