In an obscure decision highlighting primitive mindset, a village panchayat in Madhya Pradesh ordered a woman to beg money for a week after she accidentally killed a calf on Friday.

Kamlesh Shriwas from Bhind village on Friday, in an attempt to separate the calf from the mother, led to the accident as the rope got intertwined across the calf’s neck, reports Indian Express.

Following the news of the incident, a village panchayat was called. On hearing the arguments, the panchayat, therefore, decided to ask Kamlesh leave the village and beg money from the places across Bhind.

Reportedly, the woman has been asked to beg and raise money for the holy dip in river Ganga. This, the panchayat believes is the only way to purify Kamlesh, who accidentally killed her own calf.

The woman has been left the village and not returned for last 24 hours, said a local.

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