In a horrendous incident captured on CCTV cameras coming from the city of Hyderabad, on Thursday a man was savagely attacked with knife and sticks by 3 assailants.

In the video footage, a man can clearly be seen sitting behind a cash counter of a Snooker club, along with two other men who are standing beside him with snooker cues.

Three armed men barged into the club and launched a brutal attack on the victim. Two of the attackers landed multiple blows to the sitting man with baseball bat and iron rod.

The violent beating turned murderous when the third assailant started attacks on the victim with a knife. The assailant stabbed the man with 4-5 times in the back which left him all bloodied.

After taking up a severe beating, the victim managed to ward off the attackers and later he was admitted to the hospital.

For as to why and who attacked the man is yet to be known while the entire incident has been reported to the police and now they are probing the matter.

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