A bus conductor, who was arrested on Friday for killing a 7-year-old student of a prominent Gurugram (Gurgaon) school has confessed to the spine-chilling crime. The class 2 student was found dead in a mutilated state with his throat slit in the toilet of the Ryan International School.

While speaking to the media, the conductor, Ashok, confessed that he was not in the right state of mind before he brutally killed the boy. He further stated that he is deeply gutted with his actions and he will accept any punishment that will be given to him.

The bus conductor has been sent to 3-day police remand after a Gurugram court issued the order.

According to the reports, the entire incident triggered when the conductor stepped into the toilet of the school and saw the boy there. Reportedly, he tried to sexually assault the boy but when he resisted it, Ashok slit his throat.

Putting into consideration the heinous act the conductor committed, all the members of Bar Association of Sohna has refused to take up his case and defend him in the court.

The despairing parents of the boy have blasted the Ryan International School for being too lenient with the safety concerns of their students. Jyoti, mother of the boy, said, “The school could not even ensure basic safety for my son, how will then parents send children to school.”

The incident puts the credibility of school regulations in question as how an external staff was permitted into the premises with a knife in his possession.

When the incident came to light, outraged parents and several others launched protests outside the school and some even vandalised the school property. The police is still taking precautionary measures and have deployed heavy security around the school located at Sohna Road in Gurugram (Gurgaon).

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