The Madhya Pradesh Congress has hit out at the Education Minister Vijay Shah for his suggestion to replace Yes ma’am/sir with Jai Hind while responding to roll calls in schools.

KK Mishra, Congress spokesperson, said, “Jai Hind is a slogan that is raised by every student after reciting the national anthem or the national song, whatever the case may be, in the morning assembly. The state government, by issuing such orders, is insulting those who sacrificed their lives during and before the Independence struggle.”

On Tuesday, Shah issued a diktat for schools in Satna district of the state, according to which students will have to answer roll calls with ‘Jai Hind‘ instead of the traditional ‘Yes Sir/Madam’.

The new diktat will be first implemented in Satna district from October 1. Its success will determine whether it will be implemented in the entire state or not.

While talking to media, Shah said, “I come from a military background; my grandparents have been in the Army. And whenever we meet, we always say ‘Jai Hind’ which I think is a way of respecting the nation, and the feeling of love for your country is shown through his gesture.”

“I asked them to make students say ‘ Jai Hind,’ because they are the future of India and they should respect and love their country,” Shah said.