A viral video of a burqa-clad lady dancing to Bollywood pop number ‘Kala Chashma’ has drawn a lot of criticism from Muslim Organisations.

The lady who is seen dancing with four other girls at a programme in a mall in Mangaluru has been slammed by Muslim clerics, who called it ‘un-Islamic’.

Although NewsX cannot guarantee the authenticity of the video, it has reportedly irked many Muslim Organisations.

Time and again there have been incidents when Muslim women were targeted and called  ‘un-Islamic’.

Earlier in March, a young singer Suhana Syed was targeted and called ‘un-Islamic’ for singing a Hindu devotional song on a popular television show. In the same month, Indian Idol Junior singer Nahid Afrin from Assam was issued a fatwa against her to stop performing in public because it is considered ‘un-Islamic’..

WATCH the video here: