Latest developments in Kamal Haasan’s political saga suggest that the veteran actor has left all doors open before getting into the political lake of Tamil Nadu. The actor has revealed he is ready to join hands with the Bhartiya Janta Party if required. Interestingly he had earlier in an intent statement said that ”his colour is definitely not saffron”, which had created rumours that even if he jumps into politics it’s not going to be with the BJP. However, going by a news report on a leading website, the actor can be in for a merger with BJP as well.

“I am ready to join hands with the BJP if needed, there is no untouchability in politics,” Haasan said in an interview to a news channel as per the report. He also added that he is not convinced with BJP and Right wing’s ideology and the style of politics but won’t hesitate to look forward if a project is formed.

Earlier this month, Kamal Haasan had taken the state by storm when he announced that he will be entering politics with a newly formed party. He has been vocal in his criticism of the AIDMK and the corruption in the state.

Days after the announcement, Aam Admi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal had also met Hassan at his Chennai residence. Kejriwal spoke volumes of the actor and said, “Kamal Haasan is a man of integrity and courage. He has the courage to stick his neck out and talk about communalism and corruption.”

According to the report, In the interview, Kamal Haasan was asked about his party, to which the actor replied that the process is underway and his party will be a reality by the end of 2017. He also mentioned, rural and underdeveloped areas would be his priority in deciding his constituency.

He has also assured that if everything goes in place and he participates in an election, then he will give up acting to fully focus on his responsibilities as a good politician.