Questions have been raised against the Banaras Hindu University administration which is now under scanner as protests continue to grow stronger inside the university campus. Will appropriate action be taken against the university administration as circumstances have worsened due to their negligence in the case? Amid the entire crisis, the reason behind the outrage has been revealed as a letter has now come into light which was addressed to the vice chancellor of the university. The letter was written by a few students residing in the girl’s hostel, where they had mentioned about the growing instances of molestation and harassment that they have to face on a daily basis. The letter had details of the incidents where the girls had to suffer. A request to strengthen their security inside the hostel and university premises was put forth through the letter.

Following which, on 21st of September, a student of the Art Departments of the college was molested by unidentified men riding a bike. The student when reported the incident to a proctor was told to rather not go out of her hostel after 6 pm. The outrage shaped when the student told her friends about the incident and they decided to protest outside the main gate of the campus, against the miserable state of women’s safety inside the college campus.

Agitated by the harassment, students raised voice against the university administration to ensure the safety and security of women students in the campus. The angry students also demanded that the restriction imposed on women regarding entry time in the hostels should be taken back.

The resonance of the mass protest was heard back in the capital as the political drama unfolded over the whole controversy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also spoke with Uttar Pradesh CM and BJP leader Yogi Adityanath about the whole issue and condemned the cane-charging by the police on students.

Several political leaders slammed the state government over the inappropriate handling of the situation as many girl students were also beaten by the police.

After the entire ruckus, CM Yogi Adityanath had sought a report sought a report from the divisional commissioner of police, Varanasi.

The latest development in the case is the statement released by the vice chancellor of the university.

In an exclusive interview with leading news daily, Girish Chandra Tripathi, the vice-chancellor (VC) of BHU said that the incident of sexually harassing student that led to protests by students in the campus was “created by outsiders” with “vested interests”.

“Sometimes issues are there and some issues are created. This issue was created. I think this issue was created by outsiders and the shape it took is what is more unfortunate than the initial incident itself”, said the VC of BHU.