In a shocking incident being reported from Andhra Pradesh, a degree student was assaulted and attempted to be raped in Kanigiri town of Prakasam district in Hyderabad by a friend of her friend. The crime came into light after a video of the incident was put up on social media. The video which has been floating on various social media platforms was reported to the police. Shockingly, the video which went viral was spotted by a police officer who later identified the victim and informed her parents about the incident. The whole incident was shot by a group of friends of the accused in August, and was later posted on social media by one of them in a bid to circulate it all over.

According to the local police, victim Devi is a student in a local degree college in the area. She and her friend were caught alone by a group of goons who molested both the friends and tried to rape Devi. They also filmed the whole incident. The main accused Karthik was the one who knew Devi from college and the two were reportedly in a relationship before. In what appears to be a revenge plot, he incited his friends to attack the two friends and later got into the horrible act.

A complaint has been filed against the accused namely, Karthik, Pawan, and Sai, who were involved in filming the whole incident. The group also assaulted Devi’s friend who was accompanying her and had tried to interfere and protest. She tried to stop them but the goons didn’t back off and in response push her back, hurting her badly. The whole incident was conspired by ex-boyfriend Kartikh who wanted to teach Devi a lesson after her decision to not continue the relationship any further. 

All three victims have been apprehended by the police after being tracked down by the help of localities. In the video the accused can be seen dragging and assaulting Devi who kept begging for mercy. The brutal video demonstrates the sad state of women’s safety in the area and how they are targeted at every other lone area. All the accused have been booked under charges including attempt to rape, and crime against women.

Earlier in a similar kind of an incident, a female madarsa teacher from Prakasam was booked for assaulting 3 minor students. She had beaten the students with hot rod which severely burned their skin.